Wonder Reel

No Fear

Fearless Fred

Idea / Art Direction / Design




Give ‘Fearless Fred’ a home, which will display fearless video entries and allow voting/sharing.


‘Fearless Fred’ is an engaging microsite created for a competition based on a fictional ‘not-so-super’ superhero character called Fearless Fred. Users submitted a video demonstrating why they were suitable to become Fearless Fred, and were then voted for by their peers. The winner became the star of a showpiece event in Las Vegas where they would display their daring to the world.

Superhero Lair

The entire site engagement was built around a superhero lair environment, which was created by me using several lighting effects and techniques.

This setting gave the perfect feel to the site with a combination of the dark, nerdy, fun story we wanted to achieve.


Users submitted entries on the site and were voted

Live Engagement

Peer voting & content sharing


Inspiration, incentive, reward, brand exposure